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Lulusar Lake

Lulusar Lake, the largest lake in the Kaghan Valley, is renowned for its serene beauty and panoramic views. Our tours include:

    • Nature Walks: Explore the area with guided nature walks.
    • Wildlife Spotting: Look out for local wildlife in their natural habitat.
    • Picnic Spots: Enjoy a relaxing picnic by the lakeside.

Naran Valley, Pakistan, is renowned for its breathtaking scenery, and Lulusar Lake stands out as a glistening jewel nestled amidst the majestic Himalayas. This high-altitude lake, perched at a staggering 3,410 meters (11,190 ft), offers an unparalleled natural experience for travelers of all stripes.

Imagine a crystal-clear lake reflecting the snow-capped peaks surrounding it—Lulusar Lake’s pristine waters, fed by glacial meltwater, shimmering with an almost ethereal beauty. The surrounding landscape boasts a unique ecosystem, with alpine meadows bursting with wildflowers in the summer (June to August) and temperatures averaging a comfortable 10-15°C (50-59°F).


Reaching Lulusar Lake is an adventure in itself. 


The scenic Naran-Babusar road offers a breathtaking journey by jeep, showcasing the valley’s grandeur. For shutterbugs, the vantage point from the road provides an incredible opportunity to capture the lake’s full majesty. Hikers can embark on a challenging yet rewarding trek, enjoying the ever-changing scenery with every step.

Lulusar Lake is the source of the mighty Kunhar River, a vital artery for the Naran Valley ecosystem. The lake’s approximately 140 meters (460 ft) depth adds to its mystique.


Are you planning your Naran Valley escape? 


Nawabs Hotels & Resorts can help you craft the perfect itinerary, ensuring a comfortable stay near Lulusar Lake. Whether you prefer a rustic guesthouse or a luxurious hotel, your base camp awaits, ready to launch you into this unforgettable natural wonder.