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The Kunhar

Naran Valley, Pakistan, wouldn’t be the same without the Kunhar River,its vibrant lifeblood. Spanning an impressive 177 kilometers (110 miles), this glacial-fed river carves a scenic path through the valley, offering a refreshing counterpoint to the surrounding mountains.

Imagine a turquoise ribbon winding its way through lush meadows and dramatic valleys. The Kunhar River’s source lies in the majestic Lulusar Lake, at an elevation of approximately 3,410 meters (11,190 ft). The cool, fast-flowing water, averaging a temperature of 10-15°C (50-59°F), provides a welcome respite on a hot summer day (June to August) in Naran Valley.


The Kunhar River plays a vital role in the valley’s ecosystem. 


It irrigates fertile lands, sustains diverse plant and animal life, and is a haven for adventure enthusiasts. White-water rafting on designated stretches offers a thrilling experience. At the same time, skilled anglers can attempt to catch the prized brown trout, renowned as some of the best in the Indian subcontinent.


Beyond recreation, the Kunhar River is a cultural touchstone. 


Local communities have thrived along its banks for generations, and its significance is woven into the fabric of the valley’s traditions. Witnessing daily life unfold beside the river offers a glimpse into the heart of Naran Valley.Were you planning your Naran Valley escape? Nawabs Hotels & Resorts can be your gateway to adventure. Our comfortable accommodations, strategically located near the Kunhar River, provide the perfect base camp for exploring the valley’s wonders. Whether you seek a relaxing riverside retreat or an adrenaline-pumping rafting experience, Nawabs can help you craft the ideal itinerary.